GTA Online gets the Tron Bike starting today

The Tron Bike is the latest addition to GTA Online, and we're sure you're going to want to pick it up immediately.


Rockstar Games has announced new content is now available for Grand Theft Auto: Online which should make fans of Tron very pleased.

GTA Online players can pick up the new Nagasaki Shotaro, which if you ask us, looks quite similar to the Tron Bike. In order to access it, you’ll need to partake in the new Deadline Adversary mode, which will then unlock the bike for purchase at Legendary Motorsport. To match your new ride, you can head over to any clothing store to purchase the Deadline Outfit.

The new Deadline Adversary mode has up to four players racing against each other in a different colored Shotaro. While driving, a temporary light trail will come from the rear of the motorcycle and will be met with an instant explosion if an opponent comes in contact with it. Players can use strategic power-ups to gain a competitive edge, use Boost to cut off their opponents, slow down time with Zoned, or Hop out of the way of your opponent’s light trail. Those who take part in the Deadline will earn double GTA$ and RP through November 21st.

In addition to the Tron-themed content, a new Premium Race called Over the Bride, is available starting today and ending on November 21st. The Stunt Race has players racing across the La Puerta Freeway to Los Santos' docklands.

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