Overwatch: Here are all of Sombra's skins, emotes, sprays, and more

Check out Overwatch's newest hero in action.


Sombra hacked herself into Overwatch's PTR this afternoon, causing many fans of the game to drop everything in order to check her out for themselves. It took us some trying, considering the Overwatch PTR servers were getting hammered once Sombra was made available, but we were lucky enough to check out some of her Hero Gallery unlockables, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

Sombra has a total of 58 pieces of unlockable content. She has a total of 10 skins, three emotes, three victory poses, ten voice lines, 28 sprays, ten voice lines, 28 sprays, and three heroic intros. Some of her unlockable content has already caught our eye, like her Augmented Skin or her Cute, Superior, and Neural sprays. Her Hacking Heroic intro is also expected to melt many, many hearts for those who unlock it.

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