Zombies in Spaceland: How to Build the Seti-Com

Find out how to build the Seti-Com item in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s new zombie mode.


Zombies in Spaceland is Infinity Ward’s newest attempt at recapturing the beloved zombies mode introduced with Treyarch’s iconic Call of Duty game, World at War. In the new zombies mode, player scan complete specific Sticker sets, which will build Wonder Weapons that can be used to take down zombies. Today we’ll be showing you how to get the SETI-COM, an item that actually functions as part of the main Easter Egg in Zombies in Spaceland.

How to Find the Calculator

Like the pieces in other Call of Duty Zombies modes, the various pieces of the SETI-COM can often be found in one of three different areas.

  • The Calculator can either be found on the yellow bench outside of the spawn area. It’s hard to miss it. Just look to your left at the bench beside the center flower bed.
  • If the first spot doesn’t pan out, look for the calculator on top of a trashcan inside of Astrocade.
  • If for some reason the first two spots do not hold this item, head over to the Kepler System and look out for a yellow lunch table. The calculator can sometimes be found on top of the table.

How to Find the Boombox

The second piece needed to complete the SETI-COM is a Boombox stereo. This item can also be found in one of three places, so check each one in order to find the right location.

  • Look for the Boombox on the counter of the Racin’ Stripes room. This is one of the various perk machines scattered throughout the map.
  • If you weren’t lucky enough to find it in the first area, look for the Boombox on the yellow cart inside the Kepler System.
  • The final possible location of the Boombox is the counter in the Moonlight Café. If you didn’t find it in the first two locations, then you can count on finding it here.

How to Find the Umbrella

With the first two pieces of the SETI-COM discovered and claimed, it’s time to find the last and final piece, the umbrella. To find this item you will need to check three different places, all of which have a chance to spawn it.

  • The first possible spawn for the umbrella piece is the red bench beside the set of slides. This area is connected to Journey Into Space and the central hub, so check around to see if the item spawned.
  • The second possible spawn location is inside the store that is located inside Polar Peak. Look for the umbrella in the story if you couldn’t find it by the slides.
  • If the first two spots didn’t pan out, head to Star Mission and look for the umbrella piece next to the terminal on the floor.

Once you have all the pieces of the SETI-COM put together, it’s time to have a chat with ‘Hoff, who is manning the DJ table. This item is actually a part of the main Easter Egg, so you’ll need to collect it if you wish to complete the main Easter Egg and unlock a piece of the Soul Key. Make sure you know how to turn on the power in Zombies in Spaceland, otherwise you won’t be able to use any of the Perk machines or vendors around the park.

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