The Division's upcoming Survival DLC has 24 players trying to stay alive

Players battle the elements, enemies, and their own bodies to make it the Dark Zone and life-saving drugs.


The Division's next DLC is Survival, and though it has been delayed to later this year, the development team decided to show players what they can expect from it in a surprise livestream on Twitch.

The mode will have players trying to manage hunger, thirst and the elements while fighting off enemies during a blizzard in New York City. It will be played on the regular map for the game, but with the weather conditions changed and the minimap removed. Survival will have a two-hour time limit before the player will die. In that time, up to 24 players will be scrambling from the outskirts of the city toward the center's Dark Zone to get anti-viral drugs needed to survive. And while weaker enemies populate the city's outer rim, they get more difficult as the player nears the Dark Zone.

Of course, it won't be easy. Players will only start with a pistol and low level gear. Vanity items will now have varying degrees of cold ratings to help keep the player from freezing to death. No skills will be available to start, but players can pick them up as they progress. More hideouts will be added to let players craft and build up their skills along the way.

The game has a PvP and PvE mode, and even though PvE won't let you kill other players, helpful items will be in short supply. And if a player falls, they can be killed, revived or have their gear taken. Players can revive temselves with medkits, but waiting too long will end in permadeath and the end of the mode. Players that do survive and extract the anti-virus will get the best loot that can be taken back into the main game.

Season Pass holders playing on PC can try the game on the public test servers starting today. PC and Xbox One players will get the DLC first when it finally rolls out, with PS4 players getting it some time later.

The recent 1.4 patch significantly improved the performance of the game, giving Massive a chance to work more diligently on Survival now, and the final Last Stand DLC coming next year.

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