Capcom teases Akuma's addition to Street Fighter 5

The sooner you accept Akuma is the Master of the Fist, the easier your body's helplessness will be.


Street Fighter 5 is about to receive one of the series’ most powerful fighters as Akuma’s upcoming release was teased over the weekend.

Capcom teased Akuma during the North American Regional Finals portion of its Capcom Pro Tour, which completely caught fans off guard. As you can see from the trailer below, Akuma’s teaser comes in the form of his iconic Raging Demon attack, which often comes as a surprise to his opponents. After completing his Raging Demon attack, the back of Akuma is shown with some new Kanji displayed on his gi.

Capcom has been adding more characters to Street Fighter 5’s roster since its release, including Urien, Juri, Ibuki, and Guile, to name a few. It’s been several weeks since the title received a new character, but with Akuma coming, we’re sure fans of the game will be completely fine with the slight extension in new character releases.

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