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Hitman Season 2 confirmed to be in development

The second season of Hitman will feature new locations, missions, and objectives, although don't count out the possibility of revisiting locations from the first season.


IO Interactive has confirmed the second season of Hitman is currently in development.

During Paris Games Week, IO Interactive producer Hakan Abrak confirmed Hitman’s second season is currently in development during an interview with French publication GamerGen.

The second season of Hitman will feature new places and cities, although Paris will still play an integral role as new missions, Live events, and objectives will be available to complete in the region. The base game itself will remain intact, and in fact, the same game launcher will be used to incorporate content from the second season. This will make it much easier for content unlocked in the first season to be carried over to the second season and beyond.

Speaking of Hitman’s first season, Abrak hints that previous cities and countries could be revisited in the second season and beyond. While these areas may seem familiar, they’ll most likely feature a new location and missions within the region.

The first season of Hitman wrapped up earlier this week as Agent 47 was tasked with completing his final mission in Hokkaido, Japan. While we knew IO Interactive was already planning Hitman’s second season, it’s good to hear it being confirmed as well as hearing some of the new details so we know what to expect from the series going forward.

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