New Tyranny developer video shows off several of its impressive gameplay elements

Companions. Spells. Combat. Reputation. It's all here in Tyranny's latest developer diary.


Paradox Interactive has released a new developer diary for Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming RPG, Tyranny, which shows how the game’s many design elements come into play.

The developer diary focuses on the many companions you’ll come across during your adventure, which can either be manually controlled or can automatically assist the player through A.I. Your companions will not only assist you in battle, but they also serve as mouthpieces to the factions they represent, giving the player a look at both the world and factions you’ll interact with.

Players will be given the opportunity to create and manipulate their own spells. As players progress through Tyranny, they’ll learn about new spells and shapes, the latter of which can alter how a particular spell works. For example, changing the shape of a spell can dictate whether it directly affects an enemy or if it helps your group.

The developer diary also goes into Tyranny’s leveling, reputation, and more as Obsidian appears to have crafted one of its more unique titles ever.

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