Dishonored 2 video pops up with a look at the new city of Karnaca

Very little in-game footage, but it's narrated by the Outsider.


It won't be much longer until fans can get their hands on Dishonored 2, and if you needed any more enticement, Bethesda has released a new video discussing the current state of the city of Karnaca, as narrated by the Outsider.

If you are looking for any in-game imagery in this video, don't hold your breath. It is a rather interesting look at Karnaca as told by a pop-up book. Yeah, a bit odd, but still a few interesting tidbits, particularly when it starts to talk about the game's new antagonist Delilah and her ambitions beyond usurping the throne from Emily Kaldwin. 

The Outsider gives you the history from his unique perspective as the observer of all, so the video is interesting if you are into the backstory of the world in Dishonored 2. Of course, all questions will be answered when the game comes out on November 11. And if you plan to play on PC, be sure to double-check your system to make sure you can handle the game.

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