Razer DeathAdder Elite Review: Superb Form and Function

The Razer DeathAdder Elite will entice you with its curves, and keep you coming back for more with its incredible performance. Our review.


Razer announced the latest iteration in its popular DeathAdder series of mice last month, which includes a new 5G Optical Sensor capable of tracking up to 16,000 DPI at 450 IPS with a resolution accuracy of 99.4%. The combination of all of these makes the DeathAdder Elite the fastest, most accurate and most sensitive gaming mouse currently available. But how does it stack up to real world use? Read on to find out.

Melts In Your Hands

One of the first things I noticed about the DeathAdder Elite was its comfortable shape. The mouse features a high arch, which may not look as sleek as some other gaming mice out there, but it’s obviously included as a way to help support the higher portion of the user’s palm. With this high arch, the portion of my hand where the palm meets the base of my fingers is supported, which cuts down on fatigue as my hand easily contours to its shape.

The DeathAdder Elite is pretty easy to grip as both sides of the mouse have rubber strips. The left strip is located just beneath its navigation buttons, while my pinky and some of my ring finger lands on the right strip. Its matte finish also helps in allowing me to keep my grip along with its textured scroll wheel. Fans of free scroll wheels will be disappointed to hear it isn’t included in the Elite, so you’ll just have to make due with clicking the scroll wheel for quick navigation.

The DeathAdder Elite keeps things simple as it only has two navigation buttons on its left side, while two additional buttons are located just below the scroll wheel. I enjoyed the size and location of the side buttons as my thumb was able to access them with little effort, although I’d prefer them to not be so long for the next iteration. When attempting to press the forward navigation button, my thumb needs to extend fully in order to access it. If the back button was just a bit shorter, I could probably access it while still keeping it slightly bent.

More Than Meets The Eye

The mouse itself is only half of the experience as you’ll need to download Razer’s Synapse software in order to customize it the way you like. Through its software, you can customize each button, lighting, and its performance in a number of ways. There’s even an option to calibrate it with a particular mouse pad to ensure you’re getting the most out of its sensor, although I personally don’t go that far with my gaming mice.

As far as its performance, you won’t experience anything better than the DeathAdder Elite right now. I played a wide variety of games, including Overwatch, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, Mafia 3, and even Team Fortress 2 and I was impressed by how responsive and accurate the mouse was during use. While my own skills probably weren’t up to par with those who live and breathe online multiplayer games, I was still able to compete against them thanks to the DeathAdder Elite’s incredible accuracy.

After years of manufacturing multiple products geared towards gamers, the Razer DeathAdder Elite feels like the company has finally achieved its peak as it combines an extremely comfortable form factor with one of the best optical sensors currently available.

This review is based on loaner provided by the manufacturer. The Razer DeathAdder Elite is currently available for $69.99

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  • reply
    November 1, 2016 1:00 PM

    Daniel Perez posted a new article, Razer DeathAdder Elite Review: Superb Form and Function

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 1:04 PM

      wish you guys would revisit this review in 3 months when it breaks down on all fronts

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 1:09 PM

      If you don't already have a deathadder, you may need to double click on the article to open it.

      • reply
        November 1, 2016 1:29 PM

        I have the Chroma and I have had zero problems.

        • reply
          November 1, 2016 6:49 PM

          I've never had a problem with any razer products. I've had a deathadder for many years (since they came out?) and it's never broken down.

          • reply
            November 1, 2016 6:52 PM

            A razor mouse I bought in like 1998 died within 2 months. Every Logitech mouse I've bought lasts at least 4 years a piece

      • reply
        November 1, 2016 6:52 PM

        Wuh oh. Should I consider this to be a more long-term review then? I definitely don't want to recommend a product that'll just break down in a few weeks / months.

        • reply
          November 1, 2016 7:43 PM

          A long term review would be refreshing

        • reply
          November 1, 2016 8:59 PM

          I think BlackCat9 has gone through 3 death adders where they all start double-clicking on the left mouse button.

          Myself, I've had a naga die, a 5.1 headset die and some keys on a blackwidow go out on me. Since that happened right at the synapse 2.0 cloud drivers BS, I just swore off the company forever.

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 1:11 PM

      Hey guys have you heard about deathadder breaks?

      • reply
        November 1, 2016 6:51 PM

        I haven't. I'm assuming that means the DeathAdder has been less than reliable in the past?

        • reply
          November 1, 2016 7:07 PM

          Yes. They are notorious for it and there are some people as always in these kinds of discussions that swear by them. It would be interesting to see a long-term test even if you just updated the article to say that you would be checking back on it in 3 or 4 months

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 1:13 PM

      Pretty sure I'm never buying anything Razer after this tweet:


      Brand killer

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 1:28 PM

      Deathadder is the best mouse I've owned. Been using my latest one for three years with no issues. Screw the haters!

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 1:39 PM

      My DA from 2010 is still rock solid. The only reason I wouldn't buy another if it broke is Razer pushing their stupid Synapse software after every damn Windows update.

      • reply
        November 1, 2016 7:38 PM

        I elected to never install it.

        • reply
          November 1, 2016 7:43 PM

          So do I, but that doesn't stop it from coming back through Windows Update as an "important update".

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 1:59 PM

      I'm not expecting you guys to go full on esreality http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=1265679 but your review is a bit on the short side and stuff like:

      -The Razer DeathAdder Elite will entice you with its curves, and keep you coming back for more with its incredible performance -As far as its performance, you won’t experience anything better than the DeathAdder Elite right now.

      reads like a commercial.

      I randomly picked some hardware articles from sites that people here post/read as examples for reference:



    • reply
      November 1, 2016 5:49 PM

      razer is cheap plastic shit, all their crap breaks down after a year; they warranty/rma process is garbage. Fuck them.

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 6:39 PM

      Sure, for six months to a year then it will break.

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 6:59 PM

      I got one around 2010-2011 and it did the erroneous double clicking. I banged it on the table pretty hard and it's been fine ever since.

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 9:17 PM

      They may break down, but no mouse feels as good to me (palm grip)

      • reply
        November 1, 2016 10:53 PM

        Pretty close to the Microsoft v3, yeah (the Habu one they did with MS was as well)

        On my second DeathAdder here, got an extra older one at a sale for when this one wears out

        • reply
          November 2, 2016 3:09 AM

          Just picked up the Chroma to replace my failing DA 2013 that replaced my second Abyssus.

    • reply
      November 1, 2016 10:16 PM

      I've used the same Razer deathadder at home for 2-3 years and one at my desk at work for the same period of time with no issue.

      Before that, I had a deathadder that stopped working and it was replaced for free with zero hassle.

      You guys shitting on Razer constantly are not only flat out wrong, you're also doing it wrong.

    • reply
      November 2, 2016 3:46 AM

      I want to buy a decent mouse. I was looking at mid-range stuff like the G302 or and the Steelseries 300 - any thoughts on whether it's worth it to spend the extra cash on the DeathAdder?

      • reply
        November 2, 2016 5:04 AM

        Actually has anyone got the Ducky Secret? It looks plain as hell rather than the usual terrible g4m3rz design which is very appealing.

        • reply
          November 2, 2016 5:22 AM

          Nope but I would suggest to check the logitech one out in store. I almost exclusively buy them for their support (not to say that their hardware isnt best in class anyway). Unlike razer their shit doesn’t break constantly but its great to get a no hassle solution if it does.

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