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Titanfall 2's launch date 'locked in a long time ago'

The sci-fi shooter is stuck between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in the battle for FPS fans' holiday dollars.


It's the end of the year, and traditionally a very busy time for game releases. This year, it was bit interesting to find three high-profile shooters coming out within two weeks of each other. First Battlefield 1 on October 21, then Titanfall 2 this past Friday and finally Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare the end of this week. Could all three be a financial success?

Analysts are predicting disappointing sales for Titanfall 2, based on the unfortunate sandwich effect of the release timing. But Titanfall 2 producer Drew McCoy said that was something the development team had no control over because the date had been set in stone long before the game announcement.

"I actually don’t know where the decision came from," McCoy told PlayStation LifeStyle about the decision on the game's launch date. "I just know it was locked in a long time ago and there was no changing it. ... At the end of the day, we’re releasing a game that we’re happy with, and we enjoy playing, that we’re proud of. As long as we’re doing that, I think we’re gonna find an audience. It doesn’t really matter when it comes out. A good game gets noticed."

Titanfall 2 is getting good reviews, but that doesn't always translate into sales. It will be interesting to see the earning reports for EA early next year and find out how Titanfall 2 actually did in comparison to Battlefield 1, which already had conserative sales estimates.

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