Paper Mario still revealing hidden messages 16 years later

'This message should not appear.' But it does.


Paper Mario has been entertaining folks since 2000, and despite all that play time, new things are still being discovered.

Take for instance some messages offered by townsfolk in the southern portion of Toad Town. Using a glitch created by log skip, which allows players to access other parts of the game using out of bounds areas, players can enter that area before they should. If played properly, the southern part of Toad Town should not be accessible until after the player finishes Chapter One. Appearing there before then gets the locals a bit unnerved.

According to Stryder7x, who is an expert on the game,  NPCs start spouting off that the players should not be there or that the player should not be seeing the messages. The Japanese version even says that players should "get in contact," presumably with Nintendo. So Stryder7x tried via Twitter, but Nintendo has yet to offer a response.

Check out the video of his discovery:

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