Destiny DDoS issue and cheats have Bungie swinging the banhammer

More anti-cheating measures are coming to ensure a safe environment for players.


recent thread in the Destiny subreddit brought to light complaints of DDoS attacks and spam designed to cover up the in-game radar in Trials of Osiris. Of course, cheating of any kind gets Bungie on the warpath, and they are moving to stabilize the situation with the community's help.

"We have several team members whose full-time jobs are to ensure the security of your Destiny experience," the company said in a weekly update on the official site. "They tell us that in-game reports are the best way to send us data on malicious activity. All in-game reports of cheating are monitored, and our security team closely examines all of the top reported offenders. If you are unable to send an in-game report, we have also setup an additional online reporting tool that can be used."

Bungie also went out of its way to remind players to use the official reporting tools to make reports and don't fling accusations on the forums. It also pointed out that it uses other methods to ferret out cheaters other than these reports, and offenders will be dealt with severely.

"The Banhammer is being swung often. We take DDoS attacks very seriously," Bungie concluded. "We have automated systems in place to detect them and take action against offenders, up to and including permanent bans from Destiny. Some of the offenders reported this past weekend in trending threads fall in this category and have played their last Trials card.  Your reports help us make sure these systems are catching everybody they should be, so please keep them coming."

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