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Offworld Trading Company gets The Patron and The Patriot DLC

Mars and the stock exchange get some changes to the economy.


Offworld Trading Company from Mohawk Games has created a rather interesting niche for itself. The game mixes Mars colonization with city building and stock market speculation to create a rather fun campaign and solo "skirmish" experience sans combat. Now, the game is getting a major update with its The Patron and The Patriot DLC.

The update adds several new features to the campaign, surrounding the various colonies on Mars. Mohawk CEO Soren Johnson said the DLC seeks to expand the setting on Mars with short stories discussing what life is like for colonists, workers and CEOs. Among the additions:

  • Colony Class - Each colony now specializes in one area of the economy, altering local market conditions in a variety of ways.
  • Campaign Length - The campaign tournament can now last for 4, 7, or 10 games. Each length comes with its own balance tweaks and gameplay subtleties.
  • Wholesale Orders game mode - Not all colonies want you to build habitats and work modules for them. Now, some want your company to supply a variety of wholesale goods instead.
  • Two New Characters - New CEOs with new gameplay perks.
  • Story-Driven Campaigns - Six interactive short stories about life on Mars, available to experience through playing the new characters on each different length of campaign.
  • New Staffing Perks and Achievements

In addition, an update addressed issues with the base game with fixes and balance changes as adding some new features. This update affects all players and is unrelated to the DLC.

The Patron and The Patriot is available for $4.99 on Steam. The game came out of Early Access in late April.

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