Hello Games account tweets 'No Man's Sky was a mistake' [Update]

Was No Man's Sky really a mistake, or was it just this tweet?


Hello Games has been mysteriously quiet shortly after the launch of No Man’s Sky, and apparently with good reason. It appears the company has broken its silence in the form of a tweet on its official account, simply saying “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.” The tweet has since been removed and Hello Games’ Twitter account is now listed as protected.

While it’s safe to assume the tweet was probably the work of Twitter hackers, it’s interesting Hello Games decided to protect its account shortly after the message of regret was published. If it was a simple hack, the company could have just deleted the tweet and changed its login information to ensure the hackers wouldn’t continue to have access to it.

Alternatively, the message could have been published by a disgruntled employee who had access to Hello Games’ Twitter account. While this theory is a bit more far fetched, Hello Games’ ongoing blackout in discussing anything No Man’s Sky related could have sparked one employee to take matters into their own hands to possibly let the world what they were thinking: No Man's Sky was a mistake.

We’ve reached out to Hello Games for comment and will update our story accordingly.

Update: A number of publications, including Forbes and Mashable, are reporting the tweet came from a "disgruntled employee."  Hello Games' Sean Murray also commented on the incident, although he doesn't directly address the "No Man's Sky was a mistake" message:

And hopefully the final word:

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