Destiny, League of Legends, and Pokemon Go were the highest-grossing digital games of September 2016

Rise of Iron gave Bungie's shooter a boost.


Research firm Superdata disclosed the highest-grossing games of September 2016 for PC, mobile, and console platforms.

Per Superdata's report, Destiny shot up to the number-one spot on console charts, thanks in large part to the release of its Rise of Iron expansion. "Over the past few years, AAA console publishers have become increasingly dependent on additional content releases to extend the lifecycle for major titles," Superdata wrote.

"This September, Activision Blizzard demonstrated their mastery over the monetization technique with a newer franchise: After delaying the release of Destiny II, Activision instead switched tactics and released the Rise of Iron expansion instead. As a result, the title’s revenue sky-rocketed from $7.2 million to $59.1 from August to September 2016, putting Destiny at the top of console rankings."

Pokemon Go continues to hold steady as the highest-grossing mobile game, while League of Legends came in at number one on PC.

Digital games revenue jumped five percent from 2015, for a total of $6.2 billion. 

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