5 Multiplayer Starter Tips for Titanfall 2

Heading out to the battlefield in Titanfall 2 this weekend? Let us give you some helpful advice. 


Titanfall 2 is out this week, and this release marks the first time the franchise has appearaed on the PlayStation 4. To help you get a leg up on everyone online, here’s a quick guide for TItanfall 2’s multiplayer.

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Invest in a Good Anti-Titan Secondary

Titanfall 2 does a decent job of making you feel like you’re capable of bringing down a Titan, even if you’re still running around in your standard pilot gear. We see this first in the use of the Grappling Hook, which can allow players to climb atop Mechs and siphon their overall health by stealing batteries out of their hull.

The other way to bring a Titan down is through the use of anti-Titan weapons, specialized massive weapons capable of expending immense power rivaling that of a Titan. These weapons can be selected through loadout options as a secondary, and it’s highly recommended that you have one on you at all times so you are properly outfitted for a mech war.

Stick to the Backstreets

Once players start getting their Titan drops and begin wrecking shop on the map, it’s advised that all remaining pilots start moving toward more concealed parts of the map. Each map is carefully constructed to have large, sweeping areas where the massive frames of Titans can fit while also balancing dilapidated buildings and structures meant as cover for smaller, more agile characters.

The downside, of course, is that you won’t be the only pilot doing so. So, be ready to engage in an all-out brawl for cover and vantage points once the first Titan drops in.

Always Keep Moving

Titanfall 2 is a game based on movement. It wants you to run, jump, dash, and slide your way through everything, never pausing or stopping in the heat of battle. This carries over to the multiplayer as well. Camping is not suggested during multiplayer matches in Titanfall 2, since it will seriously hinder your progress toward obtaining a Titan drop of your own. Instead, it’s wise to make use of the terrain and the traversal options available to you, because the more you move, the faster you will obtain a sweet, sweet Titan drop.

Experiment with Loadouts

Every Titan has its own unique loadout complete with weapons, specials, secondaries, and boosts. There’s a lot of difference between them; some weapons are fully automatic, while others are more akin to single-shot rocket launchers. Some are heavily melee focused, and others rely on the use of shields to protect the Titan and deflect projectiles back at enemies. Experiment with each of them and find out what loadout works best for you.

Use Your Titan as a Backup

Exiting your Titan doesn’t leave it a slumped-over husk. Instead, once you exit your Titan, it will go into autopilot and fight beside you. This is useful, especially in modes like Bounty Hunt and Capture the Flag, where you might be required to stay in a specific location for a prolonged length of time and need some backup. Jump out of the cockpit, and you instantly have backup in the form of a giant metal friend.

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