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Paragon's Countess pounces her victims starting today

You can't kill what you can't see, which is what makes Countess so dangerous.


Epic Games has unleashed Countess from behind the shadows in Paragon today.

Countess is described as a burst caster whose greatest strengths are the combination of misdirection and unpredictability. In her overview video published today, we can see Countess can be quite the formidable opponent if put in the right hands. She can easily single out and assassinate enemy Heroes with the use of her abilities, and then retreat back into the shadows.

Countess has a number of notable abilities, such as her Dark Tide attack which lets loose a large wave to damage all enemies caught in its blast. If enemies are foolish enough to go for a closeup attack, she can use Blade Siphon to damage everyone around her, even being able to replenish a percentage of her max health if she kills an enemy.

Shadow Slip and Feast appear to be her deadliest abilities as the former can allow Countess to teleport to the highlighted enemy, while the latter deals a huge amount of damage against a single enemy. The combination of these abilities could mean serious trouble for any enemies caught in her way, so never lose sight of what Countess is doing on the battlefield.

Countess is now available to play for free in Paragon, which is now available for free on PC and PlayStation 4.

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