How To Get The Lost Broom Sparrow in Destiny: Festival of the Lost

The Festival of the Lost is finally here, but what's this? A magical broom? Here's how you can earn the Lost Broom Sparrow in Destiny.


Destiny’s Festival of the Lost has officially kicked off, and with it, Bungie’s iconic sci-fi shooter gets into the Halloween spirit. Guardians are expected to gather together to light candles, hang lanterns, and laugh in the face of Death once again, all while earning some exclusive gear that will only be available to earn during the Festival of the Lost event.

One of which is a unique Sparrow called “Lost Broom.” The Lost Broom Sparrow is literally a flying broom with a nice, cushioned seat attached to it Guardians can ride in order to further get into the holiday spirit. But how exactly can you earn it?

Read on to learn how you can zip around Destiny with the Lost Broom!

Hocus Pocus

Considering how much of a chore it is to earn the majority of cool gear in Destiny, picking up the Lost Broom really isn’t all that bad. You won’t need to go on any quests, talk to any NPCs, or go digging through any hollowed out loot caves. The Lost Broom can be picked up at the Tower, so that’s where you should head to first.

Once you’re at the Tower, you’ll want to head towards the western end past the Shipwright. Next, enter the underground and walk into the bar where a jukebox can be seen. Continue past the kiosk that sells emotes. You should see some boxes propped up against a wall. Jump on the boxes and you should spot the Lost Broom Sparrow at the very top. Pick it up and this special ride will be all yours.

Bippity Boppity GONE!

Enjoy your Lost Broom while it lasts because it’ll unfortunately be magically turned back into a normal broom once the Festival of the Lost ends. And by that, we mean the Lost Broom will no longer be available to ride and will probably just disappear from your inventory.

In the meantime, enjoy your Lost Broom, which has everything you’d need in a vehicle anyways as it offers 160 boost, Destabilizers, and Safe Thrusts. Just don’t go and expect it to help you fly across the night sky to terrorize Fallen, Hive, Vex, or Cabal. It functions just like a Sparrow, so no you can’t just magically fly now that you’re riding a broom.

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