Check out Titanfall 2's launch trailer right here

'Become One' when Titanfall 2 drops later this week.


Standby for Titanfall 2, launching on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this Friday, October 28. Ahead of launch, check out Respawn Entertainment's and EA's launch trailer, "Become One."

Respawn and EA seem to have improved and expanded on their original title in virtually every way. Formerly a multiplayer-only series, Titanfall 2 adds a single-player campaign that explores the bond between a man and his mech. Multiplayer got plenty of attention as well, and has been overhauled to achieve a more tactical pace that should reward players whether they prefer to pilot Titans or fight on foot.

Players looking to embark on PC will have a bevy of settings and bells and whistles to modify, including 4K resolution and a buttery-smooth framerate.

Early word-of-mouth for Titanfall 2 sounds promising. Though she plans to sink a few more hours into the game, Shacknews contributing editor Cassidee Moser came away impressed in her review-in-progress. "Titanfall 2 is good. Story campaign aside, it doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from other military shooters. But the things it does do well give it more life and personality than it had in its previous iteration, and the fact that it feels so damn good to play makes a strong case for it being worth playing."

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