Why We Haven't Posted a Civilization 6 Review... Yet

What's the deal, Shack?


Civilization 6 released earlier today, and while this is a major release, there isn’t a Shacknews review anywhere to be seen. We are actually planning to cover the game (we'd be silly not to), and because our review is going to be delayed, I wanted to reach out and let you guys know what is going on.

The reason that we don’t have a review ready to go yet is because we didn’t get our press copy until yesterday afternoon. This meant that I was only able to put in a few hours with the game last night, which wasn’t nearly enough time to even write up a review in progress. Because of how big this series is, and because of how much it means to fans (including myself), I wanted to be sure that I gave the game plenty of time before putting any of my thoughts about it on paper. That’s why I’m going to be spending the majority of this weekend tinkering with it, and investigating every nook and cranny that the developers have included in it.

So, that's why we don't have a review up just yet. It is coming, though. So, keep a look out for our review to go up next week, where you’ll be able to see my initial thoughts on the game, how I feel about the new changes, and just how everything fits together. For those who aren’t as patient as others… I can tell you that so far, I am a very big fan of some of the changes made in the game.

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