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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard teasers looks like a return to old-school RE

Save your game often and use your knife. Mantras to live by.


Capcom has released two two teaser videos for the upcoing Resdient Evil 7: Biohazard, and while the game may be in first-person, there is still a familiarity to what the new game offers.

The videos, each less than a minute long, highlight various aspects of the game. The first focuses on the save game, offering "Take the time to save in #RE7... You never know what will be lurking in the shadows". The second focuses on how to use one of the most basic weapons in the game, with the reminder that "Your knife will come in handy in all kinds of situations."

These, coupled with two other recently released shorts on "the shotgun in the box" and the "mysterious caller" seem to offer hope to old-schhol RE fans that the new game is not going to go too far off the rails from what they loved about the older games.

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