Chattycast 112: Middle Wares

The first VR device was made of cardboard. The second VR device was really expensive. But the third VR device was just right?


The PlayStation VR launches this week, marking the latest of the big virtual reality pushes to hit in 2016. While companies like Google have gone low-end and entry-level, and Oculus and Vive cater to power users, PlayStation seems contentedly right in the middle in terms of both power and price. More than anything, that just might prove the key to its success.

This week, the Chattycast talks about the PlayStation VR, and the strategy behind positioning oneself as the "mid-tier" product. Where has it been most successful? What risks are associated with not boasting superior price or power? Is PSVR's ties to the PlayStation 4 make it less appealing to the broad market, or more inviting and familiar to those who know the brand?

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