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Gears of War 4 Update makes it easy to earn Elite Gear Packs and Credits

While its multiplayer modes are fun on their own, we all know we addictive opening Gear Packs can be. That's why today's update is a much appreciated one.


Gears of War 4 has officially launched, but prior to the title becoming available for everyone, The Coalition made some changes to how players are able to earn Credits as well as how fast they can earn certain Gear Packs.

Based on its data and feedback from those who had early access to Gears of War 4, The Coalition made changes to the rate at which Credits are earned in order to improve the overall experience of acquiring Gear Packs. The changes were made to provide a more consistent reward per match, thus making it faster to earn Gear Packs.

Match Bonuses have also been tweaked to offer more experience points and Credits if you win your match, although players will always receive something regardless if they win or lose. This increase, and the leveling milestone drops of 500 Credits and Credit bounties, will offer some much needed help for players looking to earn their next Gear Pack.

The Coalition has released a server-side update that makes the following changes to both Credits and Gear Packs:

  • Match Completion bonus credits in Versus Multiplayer have now been increased
  • Elite Pack Credit cost has been reduced from 4000 to 3500

If you’re still having trouble earning enough Credits to earn yourself a new Gear Pack, we recommend going the Scrap route as you can use Gear Cards to earn Scrap in order to create specific cards. Lucky for you, we have a handy guide that tells you exactly how to go about doing that as well as some tips on how to earn some serious Scrap fast.

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