PlayStation VR videos explain the basics of the headset

From unboxing to TV connection, Sony shows you how to dive into virtual reality.


The PlayStation VR is releasing this week and Sony has decided to create a video series teaching the consumer the basics of the PS4 headset.

The videos go over unboxing the headset to setting up your game room for optimal usage. In an era where people don’t want to read the instruction manuals anymore, this “quick set-up” video series could be just what the doctor ordered. Video #1 is an unboxing video, pretty straightforward.

The second video shows you how to connect the VR for usage. You have to connect the processor to the television and the PlayStation 4 because the system is the HDMI splitter. The final video in the series shows you how to set up the room for the perfect VR experience.

Since it appears that Sony is making you need the PS4 camera if you want to use the VR, then they should tell you how to properly set everything up. One word of advice, the videos do recommend that you stay seated while playing the PlayStation VR. You get the impression that Sony wants to cover everything that the consumer can screw up so the company isn’t liable.

If the preorder numbers are any indication, virtual reality is the up-and-coming entertainment venture. You haven’t been able to preorder the PlayStation VR for months but Best Buy and GameStop are having midnight launches VR on October 13 so that might be your last shot at getting one on the first day.

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