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Mafia 3: How to Save Cars and other Vehicles

Want to save that sweet ride you've been tearing up New Bordeaux with? 


Chances are, many players spending their time exploring the dangerous streets of New Bordeaux, have found themselves a flashy vehicle that they enjoy driving. It’s also extremely likely that many players will want to hold on to those vehicles, for use at a later time. But how exactly do you save cars in Mafia 3? IN this guide we’ll teach you everything you need to know about saving cars in the savage world that makes up Mafia 3’s New Bordeaux.

The short answer here, is you can’t save cars. For whatever reason (one that remains unclear to any of us), Hanger 13 hasn’t given players any specific way to save vehicles. This means that, once you pick up a nice vehicle, you’ll just need to enjoy it while you have a chance. After a while, as you complete missions and sidequests, and cutscenes play out, the vehicle will randomly vanish, moved to some other place than where you parked at (many buildings have designated parking areas, so check those first before getting a new set of wheels). If you’re unable to find it, you can pull out your Weapon Wheel, and choose the Car icon in the bottom of the wheel. This will allow you to call for a ride.

When calling for a ride, players will have several options of ways that they can call in. These options include the three preorder vehicles, as well as Father Jame’s car, and after a certain point, Lincoln’s muscle car. There are also other vehicles that can be unlocked by completing specific missions and requirements for your underbosses.

It saddens us that there isn’t any real way to save vehicles in Mafia 3, and that the only vehicles you can call in for are already designated for you by the developers. Hopefully we’ll see these kinds of things chance in future patches, for instance, an added garage that players could purchase and then use to store vehicles in would be nice. You can find out more about Mafia 3 by heading over to our Mafia 3 walkthrough and guide.

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