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Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid's heroic mode should be available on October 18

Bungie expects Wrath Against the Machine to be ready later this month.


Bungie posted a weekly update in which it announced that the Heroic mode for Destiny: Rise of Iron's raid, Wrath of the Machine, should roll out on October 18 (via GameSpot).

"Have you ventured deep below the Plaguelands to destroy Aksis?" the developer asks. "If you have not, there is still time to increase your Light, form up a dream team, and embark on the mission. If you have completed that mission, the truest test of teamwork and cunning is yet to come."

Rise of Iron launched in September, at which time the most dedicated of its Guardians blazed a trail through the Wrath of the Machine raid. Heroic mode should pose a weightier challenge.

Although Rise of Iron is the last major expansion for Destiny, Bungie hasn't completely shifted its focus to Destiny 2—which is scheduled to launch in 2017, possibly on PC as well as consoles—just yet. "We have some fun things to anticipate between now and the end of this calendar year," the developer teases.

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