Gears of War 4 Versus Gameplay - All Modes and Maps

Are you ready to chainsaw some grubs? Watch these videos before you do it for Shacknews!


There are only 5 days left until Gears of War 4 is released! Shacknews captured every versus game mode on all the maps available at launch. This footage was captured against bots on hardcore difficulty.

Arms Race on Fallout - this new versus mode challenges each team to get 3 kills with every weapon in a random sequence. It is a true test of players gearing abilities. 

Fallout is a very large level with a lot of cover.

Dodgeball on Dam - this brand new game mode is a new take on Warzone. Teams can respawn dead players only after getting a kill. This leads to huge back and forth swings. Games can last a long time and it definitely will get players' hearts pumping.

Dam is mid-sized asymmetric level with a great balance of cover and flanking. The power weapons area masterful placement define how teams engage the level.

Escalation on Forge - Capture and control 3 territories with your team to defeat your opponent in this game mode.

Forge is very similar to Gold Rush, a previous map from the series. Lots of cover and flanking opportunities in this really fun map.

Guardian on Foundation - protect your team's leader while attacking the opposing leader, players can respawn as long as their leader is alive.

Foundation is a fun level that definitely funnels action to the center of the level while allowing for some flanking opportunities.

Warzone on Lift - the original versus mode from Gears of War where each player has only 1 life and revives are key. Last team standing wins.

Lift is a close quarters level that takes place on a massive elevator deep underneath the surface of Sera.

Warzone on Relic - Relic is a larger level where holding the high ground can be key to surviving.

Team Deathmatch on Gridlock - a traditional versus mode where each team of 5 gets 15 respawns. Revives are still useful, but players can play more aggressively than in Warzone. 

Gridlock has become an iconic level for Gears of War fans. we are happy to report that the bell is back on the level and players can shoot it to celebrate wins once more.

Team Deathmatch on Reclaimed - Reclaimed is a large level in a rustic rural setting. There are a lot of opportunities to flank your opponents

King of the Hill on Impact - another game mode returns that is similar to escalation except there is only one territory to capture.

One of the best new multiplayer levels in Gears of War 4. Lots of high ground to pick people off from, and a great overall flow to the map.

Execution on Harbor - another returning game mode that requires you to execute your opponent when they are down to kill them. Each player has one life and can revive themselves by furious a button mashing.

Harbor was a level in the Gears of War 4 Versus Multiplayer Beta. A great map that balances weapon placement masterfully.


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