Shacknews Interviews Twitch Stars at Pax West

Check out how Twitch changed the lives of their talent.


At this year’s Pax West, Shacknews had the privilege to sit down with some of the talent that calls Twitch home.

Starting off is a variety caster, Kintinue. Kintinue has been streaming on Twitch for well over a year now She streams pretty much any game genre but prefers scary games that get her blood pumping. She feels that if it wasn’t for Twitch, she wouldn’t have had a place for her voice to be heard.

Next up is a creative streamer named SidecarAngel, who also dabbles in variety streaming. Twitch Creative gives people a place to present their artwork to the masses. SidecarAngel felt that Twitch allowed her to reach a whole new audience, since she was a gamer as well as an artist. You get the impression that she is a realist as well, since she didn’t quit her paying job because Twitch might not be a viable monetary solution some weeks.

SinfullyRiddling is another variety caster/streamer who doubles as a full-time college student on the side. Becoming a Twitch partner made her rethink how she streamed and started to take things more seriously. She even thought about putting her communications major studies on hold to focus on streaming but she felt that she really wanted her college degree. Social media is key to spreading the word to fans.

Finally, there’s TigerWriter, another full-time variety caster. TigerWriter was a “struggling” musician who wanted to strike it big in some form of entertainment. Twitch was that platform and he had early success on it. Early success can be seen as detrimental since it speeds things up and makes him think, “what am I going to do today?” All in all, TigerWriter wants to be happy and be able to pay his bills and judging by Twitch success, he shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

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