nDreams' The Assembly Releasing As A PlayStation VR Launch Title

Become intimately acquainted with a strange, shadowy organization...now in PSVR!


nDreams' first-person VR adventure The Assembly is coming to PlayStation VR when the platform launches on October 13th. The game, which surrounds the "Assembly," a strange collective that's squirreled itself away from society to conduct experiments, previously was a top-selling title for Oculus Rift, and now it'll be available for PlayStation owners to experience via the console's new VR peripheral.

Personally, I've never played The Assembly, but it looks like a pretty creepy look at what society has become these days, a bizarre amalgam of interactivity and perspectives from different characters: Madeleine Stone or Cal Pearson. Madeleine is up against an "induction program" meant to test your mettle as well as your potential, and Cal is responsible for more revelatory decisions regarding The Assembly's existence as a whole. Throughout the game you play as two different people as you make your way through a twisty narrative rife with trials and tribulations with varying endings.

You can play the game without a VR headset, at least when it comes to the game's Oculus release, so this may also be true for the PSVR version, but if you're looking for something a little different to try out when it comes to your first day on the platform, this may well be worth stepping into, even if for just a moment. Check out the original PC launch trailer below to get a taste of what you'll be able to expect. 

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