Dishonored 2 trailer shows Emily not in a killing mood

She is trying to save buddy Anton Sokolov while doing it on low chaos. 


Yesterday's Dishonored 2 trailer showed us Emily Kaldwin taking on Grand Inventor Kirin Jindosh in his Clockwork Mansion. She was rather indiscriminate in the body count, despite the non-lethal ending, but today, Bethesda returns us to the mansion in a new trailer where Emily takes a more low chaos approach to finding and freeing her friend Anton Sokolov.

The video shows off the beauty of the different playstyles for the game and how her powers can be used for brutality or avoidance. The Clockwork soldiers were fairly relentless in combat, usually needing some aggressive attacks to take them down. Now a simple rewire tool can have them ignore you as they experience "uncertainity."

Emily eventually finds Sokolov, although they don't let us see how she gets him out of the mansion. But, yay, an achievement!

I have one minor nitpick with the playthough and it has nothing to do with the player, but more about a guard's reaction to a tranq dart. See if you notice it. Again, a minor issue and nothing that should detract from enjoyment of the game.

Cassidee got some play time with Dishonored 2 and came away as impressed as we are with the videos. Everyone will get their shot at it when the game comes out on November 11 (or a day earlier if you pre-order). 

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