Titanfall 2 has gone gold

The sequel to 2014's mech-themed shooter hits digital and retail stores on October 28.


Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella congratulated his team on taking the final step toward Titanfall 2's release on October 28.

"Congrats to the #Titanfall2 team on going GOLD!" he tweeted.

Titanfall 2 aims to improve on its predecessor in every way that counts. Where the first was exclusive to Xbox One and PC, the sequel will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC simultaneously. Most importantly for players who shied away from the original game's multiplayer-only structure, Titanfall 2 boasts a single-player campaign. Respawn rolled out a trailer for the story earlier today.

Multiplayer aficionados need not worry: online play has received plenty of attention, and there are still plenty of mechs with which to complement your pilot's wall-running skills. Level design has received an overhaul as well.

"One of the big efforts there was trying to think of the degree of verticality, the sort of 'Swiss cheese' effect," explained game director Steve Fukada in an exclusive Shack interview. "But now we have a 3D 'Swiss cheese' effect. So we started thinking more in terms of simplifying the concept and using what the designers call a 'window pane' effect, where we think in terms of lanes. Defined paths become the norm: the left, the middle, the right. There's a greater simplification of the player's understanding of the environment, so that the environment becomes more predictable and becomes less about just drawing lines across the map from any point to any point where it just becomes a mess. We're trying to make sure the level is designed in a way that gets these trendy routes and feels more fundamental."

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