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Battlefield 1 to focus on War Stories in single-player campaign

It's a way to get to know the various protagonists in the game.


When EA and DICE released the latest trailer for Battlefield 1 focusing on the game's single-player campaign, it was obvious that there would be several main characters that would have important roles throughout the story. DICE confirmed that, saying that the game will focus on five War Stories as a way to get to know those individuals.

"The Great War is diverse," said Jonas Elfving and Eric Holmes in a post on the official site. "We knew we wanted to embrace that variety. There were so many different perspectives and characters in World War 1 and we wanted to cover as much ground as possible."

The anthology format allows the developers to tell different stories from the war, without having a main character jump from place to place in disjointed fashion. In one story, players will get a look at Danny Edwards, who is the driver of a British Mark V tank. Edwards is new to the war and was a chauffeur in civilian life, so driving and fixing things is what he knows. 

"In previous Battlefield iterations, we’ve experienced the story through the eyes of one main character, and it was very rare that the camera cut anywhere," the post reads. "But in Battlefield 1, we decided we wanted stronger characters instead of just telling players 'you are the character'. One way to do this was to invoke classic cinematics that lets you see your character more than in first-person-theater. We wanted the player to see and feel what the characters are going through, rather than just experiencing it from behind their eyes. That has really payed off for us not just in storytelling ability, but in emotional engagement."

In another story, players will take on the role of a female Arab rebel who is the right hand to one of the iconic figures of WWI, Lawrence of Arabia. the rebels are faced off against the Ottoman Empire, who own the massive armored Canavar train. The player can choose how they want to draw the train out for a final battle through scouting and gaining extra equipment for the confrontation.

The Red Baron was also mentioned in passing, and based on some of the scenes from the trailer where an English crew was manning a plane, it is highly likely Baron Manfred von Richthofen will be making an appearance. Another possibility is American ace Eddie Rickenbacker.

Players will be able to experience all the stories when the game comes out on October 21. 

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