Battlefield 1 campaign trailer looks death in the eye - from a lot of angles

Lots of punching, shooting and killing to go with the human interest.


As promised, EA nad DICE have dropped the new single-player campaign trailer on us, putting a human aspect to all all the punching, shooting and killing players will be doing in the upcoming WWI FPS. 

The trailer introduces many of the characters you will see in the campaign, with the emphasis that "Behind every gunsight is a human being," making the up-close personal hand-to-hand nature of WWI trench warfare just a bit more personal. There are even a few instances where soldiers hesitate rather than kill immediately.

Of course, it would be Battlefield without a lot of action to go with the voice-over. There is one great Top Gun-like scene where a pilot and his gunner fly close to the ground and upside down taking pictures.

The ESRB outed some of the campaign moments earlier, but there is nothing like a good trailer to put it all in perspective. And players will be able to do it all when the game hits shelves on October 21.

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