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Destiny: Rise of Iron - How to Increase Your Light Level, Hit Light Level 385

Struggling to reach those Light Level requirements for the new Rise of Iron content? Or just want to improve your character? We’ve got some tips.


Leveling in Destiny doesn’t stop after you reach level 40, instead you then have to worry about gaining new equipment like gear and weapons to increase your Light Level. Thanks to the newest expansion, Destiny: Rise of Iron, players now have a new Light Level goal to reach. In this guide we’ll be going through the various ways you can increase your light level, including some tips to help you stay ahead of the grind. You should be warned, though. Due to Destiny’s MMO nature, increasing your Light Level can be a somewhat grindy experience. That’s why you should mix things up as much as possible to keep from becoming bored or uninterested in the game.

Complete Archon’s Forge Events

The Archon’s Forge is a mix of the Prison of Elders from House of Wolves and the Court of Oryx from The Taken King. This time around things are a bit harrier, and while the loot isn’t the greatest, you still have some really good chances to grab some new items and weapons through the forge. In order to spawn enemies at the Archon’s Forge you will need to find SIVA Offerings, which can be dropped from various enemies around the new Patrol area, the Plaguelands. Sadly, there isn’t a guaranteed way to grind for these items, so you’ll just have to make due when they drop for you. Or, if you’re lucky, you can often find other players grinding out Archon Forge events while on Patrol.

Complete Strikes

The best way to guarantee new drops is to complete strikes using the strike playlists that Bungie introduced with the release of The Taken King. These playlists give you a bonus depending on the amount of strikes you complete back to back, and some playlists even guarantee a Legendary Engram for the first three times you complete a strike in that playlist. Once you’ve leveled your Light up enough to run the SIVA Crisis Heroic Strikes, well then you’re in for a treat. Each time you complete the Heroic strikes you will be rewarded with at least two Rare drops. These might not seem like someone rewarding, but these items are almost always greater than what you currently have equipped. This means, at lower Light Levels, you can theoretically go up 1-2 Light Levels per strike. Once you reach a higher level, though, things will slow down.

Decrypt Legendary and Exotic Engrams

Up until you hit Light Level 340, Rare Engrams will continue to be worth decrypting for items you can use. After 340, though, the Rare Engrams stop reaching higher levels (unless dropped from strike bosses), thus becoming fodder for your Weapon Part and Armor Material reserves. This is when Legendary and Exotic Engrams become extremely important, as they will not only be a great source for leveling, but Legendary Engrams can also be dismantled into Legendary Marks, which can then be used to purchase items from the vendors in The Tower. This is a great way to bring your Light Level up quickly at the start, as each new item will be 350 Defense or Attack, thus allowing you to raise your Light Level.

These are the fastest known ways to level your Light Level up quickly. They might take a little work on your end, but Destiny does borrow many of its systems from the likes of MMOs like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. Just keep your head lifted high, and maximize your grinding time by following the list we’ve provided above. This will allow you to increase your Light Level quickly, allowing you to get ready for anything and everything that the new content has available.

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