New Danganronpa V3 features five Monokumas, new gameplay, and more

The teaser website for New Danganronpa V3 has been updated to reveal some new information on the game, including the five Monokumas, its new setting, and more.


Spike Chunsoft has released new information on its upcoming game, New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing, which includes its official cast artwork, a look at the five Monokumas that appeared in its latest trailer, and more.

The studio has confirmed the setting and characters in New Danganronpa V3 are completely new, meaning you probably shouldn’t expect to see Hope Peak’s Academy or see any familiar characters, such as Junko. Makoto, or Hajime.

The new game will take place in Saishuu Academy, or Gifted Inmates Academy as it translates to. The school features a unique atmosphere as a large variety of plants can be seen across the entire campus.

As we suspected from its previous trailer, the protagonist is a female this time around and her name is Kaeda Akamatsu. Kaeda-san is described as reliable and responsible with a bright and positive personality who has the ability to take action when needed.

Prepare for there to be even more Monokumas in New Danganronpa V3 as there will be five new ones who call themselves the Children of Monokuma. The five Monokumas control Saishuu Academy and its killing game. Each Monokuma has its own unique personality and will often lose track of conversations. Monotarou appears to be the leader of the Monokuma pack and is described as having a child-like clumsiness to him.

New Dangaronpa V3 will include a number of elements that are new to the series, which includes lying to the group in order to proceed through the class trial via a better route, and “Scrum Debates,” which will divide the trial into two teams.

New Danganronpa V3 is scheduled to release in Japan in January 2017 on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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