Rez Infinite's Area X Trailer Is Equal Parts Dreamy and Evocative

A gorgeous new addition to the original base game, Area X is the Rez stage you've always dreamt of. 


Rez Infinite is coming very soon, though honestly it isn't soon enough for a longtime Rez fan such as myself. Sony has launched a new trailer showing off a quick glimpse of Area X, a new level you can play through as part of the release when it comes out for PlayStation VR this October.

As Tetsuya Mizuguchi explains it, Area X is "an experiment," and is something "new." It doffs the rails that made the original Rez levels linear and trades them in for a new formula as far as both aesthetics and gameplay goes. Impressions of the new level have gone up all over the internet and there have been attempts made at explaining how it plays, but I surmise there's no real explaining it if it's as surreal as the screenshots and trailers purport.

See for yourself with the teaser clip, but if you're as big of a Rez fan as I am, you're probably eagerly awaiting October with your Trance Vibrator at the ready. It's going to be an amazing month.

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