Pokemon Sun and Moon adds grooming for your little monsters

... oh, and some more new Pokemon were revealed as well.


Pokemon Sun and Moon is releasing in less than two months, and the Pokemon Company continues to drop all sorts of new information about what will be included in the 3DS game. This time, a new trailer adds even more original and Alola Pokemon, as well as the ability to let your trainer be more fashionable and your little beasties well-groomed.

Players can accessorize their trainers to their liking with new clothes and hairstyles, and a new grooming feature will let you turn your Pokemon into happier little creatures. Pikachu and Eevee get some screen time showing off their new Zmoves, while we also get a look at some new Pokemon that will be exclusive to the various versions of the game, such as Rockruff who has a day and night version.

Check out the video to get the full effect of what else is coming. The game is set to be released on North America on November 18.

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