5 Important Tips to Know When Playing ReCore

Help Joule stay ahead with these five quick and easy tips for success in ReCore.


ReCore is part action adventure, part shooter, part loot collector, and part platformer. But, if you’re enjoying the latest creation to come out of Inafune’s new studio, Comcept, we want to make sure you’re ready to stay at the top of your game, and help Joule out the best you can. To help you in your endeavors to safe New Eden, we’ve put together five tips that you might not have thought about that will change how you play this game. You can view more tips like these and others by heading over to this sweet ReCore subreddit thread.

The first tip on our list comes via reddit user zedox. Zedox says to dash off of a ledge instead of jumping, because this will allow you to travel the farthest distance that Joule can travel in the air by saving your double jump and dash for mid-air traversal.

The second tip on our list comes from Reddit user planetaska, who reminds players that later in the game it will be more difficult to find transfer pads that you can use to fast travel. This can make having a full inventory pretty frustrating. In order to get around this, open up the map screen and press the Y button on Xbox One to instantly travel back to Joule’s crawler, where you can unload your goodies and change our your Corebots if needed.

As you make your way through the game, make sure to collect plenty of Prismatic Cores, because once you reach Eden Tower, you’re going to need at least 45 or so Prismatic cores to get through all the doors in the tower and reach the top. If you collect them as you go, you will save a lot of time that would later be spent running back and forth for more cores. This tip comes from Reddit user Mexican_sandwhich, as well as from the mouth of our very own Editor in Chief, Steve Watts.

Our fourth tip for ReCore players also comes from Reddit user Mexican_sandwhich, who says to remember that pulling Cores out of enemies will not give you any loot drops. It will only give you the core. This means you will want to prioritize the ways that you are killing enemies based on what you need at that moment in time.

The final tip on our list, and probably one of the most important we’ve come across, comes from Reddit poster Only1waytofindout. They want players to remember that Bot Blueprints have a set level requirement, so you should always make sure your bot is a high enough level to use the parts before you go and spend the resources to make them.

That’s all the tips we have for this list, be sure to head over the subreddit thread, which we linked above, and check out all the other tips that players have to offer. There are some really good ones out there. Our review for ReCore will be releasing soon, so check back in a little bit to see what our Editor in Chief, and resident Metroidvania/Megaman expert has to say about Inafune’s latest creation.

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