Blizzard to let you change your Battletag ... for a price

But the first one is always free.


Remember that night you first starting a Blizzard game while you were drunk and created that regrettable MajorBoobage as your Battletag? Well, you aren't drunk now, and maybe a little more mature, and you want to change it. Thank goodness Blizzard will let you, but for a price.

In a new addition to the Blizzard Store, Blizzard is letting you change your Battletag - the name that goes across all your accounts for Blizzard games - for $10. The good news is the first one is free, so you can rectify grievous errors in judgment quickly. Of course, if you were high the second time and used your free change for a promotion to GeneralBoobage, then you might have to pay. Luckily, the name does not have to be unique, as Blizzard adds a numerical addition at the end.

Blizzard has had these types of services available for World of Warcraft, where players can change name, change faction, change race, etc. for a fee. So this is a logical next step to apply it to their overall account information, especially for those who make lousy decisions on the fly.

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