Dead Rising 4 trailer takes us mall killing for Christmas

Zombies groan, are ya listenin', in the mall, blood is glistenin' ...


Frank West has some shopping to do before Dead Rising 4 hits for the holidays, so he's heading back to the Williamette Mall to pick up a few extra items of mayhem in the latest trailer.

Of course, when he gets there, he finds the mall stuffed with undead holiday shoppers, and the lines are just killer. So he makes a stop at the food court, only to be interrupted by a zombie looking for a handout. 

The trailer is punctated with West's typical sarcastic one-liners and his selfie shots, as well as all the blood and guts you have come to expect from the Dead Rising series. It's a beautiful site, he's killin' tonight, walkin' in a Zombie Wonderland.

The game is coming out exclusively on Xbox One on December 6. It could come to PS4 some time later.

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