Destiny servers going down today for scheduled maintenance across all platforms

Prepare for some more downtime, Guardian.


Bungie has announced it will bringing Destiny’s servers down for some scheduled maintenance this morning.

Today’s downtime is scheduled to begin at 7:30am PT / 10:30am ET as Guardians won’t be able to log into Destiny’s servers in preparation for its upcoming scheduled maintenance. Then at 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET, Guardians will be removed from all activities as the game’s servers will be taken offline for maintenance.

Today’s scheduled maintenance period is expected to conclude by 9:30am PT / 12:30pm PT, although Bungie has been known to either go long or just a tad short in bringing back Destiny’s servers online.

During Destiny’s scheduled maintenance, sign-in and the game’s companion services may be restricted. Once the scheduled maintenance period has concluded, all services and Destiny login functionality will be restored.

Bungie has been pretty good about keeping Destiny’s servers up as it only announced a scheduled maintenance would take place two different times within the past month. With Rise of Iron’s release coming in just a few days, we’re hoping Destiny’s servers can keep up with the upcoming demand.

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