Paragon's Lt. Belica reports for duty on PC, PS4 today

Control the battlefield with Lt. Belica starting today/


Epic Games has released the latest hero for Paragon today as Lt. Belica has officially reported for duty.

Lt. Belica is described as a Burst Caster who specializes in zoning enemy heroes and mana control through several abilities, including her Void Bomb, which delivers burst damage within an area after a short delay, and her Seismic Assault, which delivers a line skillshot that deals damage and knocks enemies into the air.

Controlling a large area on the map can be done easily through the use of her Void Drone, which is able to drain mana per second from enemy Heroes standing within the area of effect, and hitting them with a bolt if they use an ability. If an opponent’s mana has been drained enough, her Neural Disruptor ultimate will easily finish them off.

Lt. Belica is now available on both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Paragon, which are currently available to play for free.

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