Daymare: 1998 is an original project from the developer of the unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake

After Capcom announced an official RE2 remake, the developer of the fan remake discontinued his project and broke ground on an original game.


Developer Invader Studios has announced Daymare: 1998, a survival horror game being created in tandem with Resident Evil Zero and RE Code: Veronica designer Satoshi Nakai.

Invader's announcement trailer for Daymare has more in common with Resident Evil 2, specifically, than other RE games. RE2 debuted in 1998, and Daymare will revolve around multiple protagonists—one of RE2's main selling points, as actions you took as Leon affected your subsequent playthrough as Claire, and vice versa.

Daymare will also feature classic RE staples such as limited save points.

It's possible, even likely, that developer Invader Studios will be able to recycle some assets from Resident Evil 2: Reborn, its unofficial reboot of Capcom's popular title. The project featured a behind-the-shoulder camera perspective and a faithful recreation of Racoon City's police department using assets borrowed from Capcom's Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles rail shooter.

Invader was forced to put the kibosh on Resident Evil 2: Reborn after Capcom announced an official remake last summer. Capcom has been silent about the long-anticipated remake since last summer, though the company did say that the project was still in embryonic stages and that fans shouldn't expect news for quite some time.

Daymare: 1998 will be released on PC. A release window has not been given.

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