Super Mario Run announced for iOS

Shigeru Miyamoto was on hand at the Apple press conference to introduce the game.


Apple's press conference led off with the long-awaited announcement of a new Mario game for iOS, Super Mario Run.

Shigeru Miyamoto was on hand to introduce the game. Super Mario Run is basically a Mario platformer with the traditional coin collecting and jumping over hurdles, but the difference is that tapping the screen makes him jump, and holding the tap will make him jump higher, which will lead to bigger scores. In the end, the goal is still to collect as many coins as possible and reach the flagpole before time runs out.

"Now you can play one-handed," Miyamoto said, via translator Bill Trinen. "Play while holding on in the subway, eating a hamburger or even eating an apple."

He also talked about a battle mode called Toad Rally. Players will choose from a list of scores of players and friends from around the world, and then try to beat that score. The score is not only based on coins collected, but the number of toads you impress with different moves. Again, you have to complete the course before time runs out. You will also see a sticker of mario in the corner of the screen, highlighting what your opponent had done during their run.

Toadette will appear at the end to highlight the run, and then you can use coins to expand your Mushroom Kingdom. 

The game is planned for iOS first, but the wording made it seem like Android would get a shot at the game later. The game will be one cost, and not pay-to-play, although price will come later. 

Release is planned for some time during the holiday.

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