Dolphin emulator finally completes the GameCube library for PC

Code rewrite finally make Star Wars: The Clone Wars compatible


The Dolphin emulator has always been a fantastic way for PC players to get a taste of playing GameCube games without having the Nintendo console. The library of games was 99% complete, with one little stickler keeping players from a full collection: Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Well, now the wait is over. The Force is finally with Dolphin.

In a lengthy blog post detailing the road to completion, it took a massive code rewrite to get The Clone Wars compatible with Dolphin 5.0. OK, more than massive ... "gargantuan." Apparently the issues on whay the game would not work with the emulator have been know for years, but only with the latest rewrite eliminated the final technical hurdles to getting the game to run.

Modders have taken games like Super Mario Sunshine up a notch with better graphics and increased frame rate over the years, and now, with a full library, it is probably only a matter of time before The Clone Wars gets an upgrade as well.

Keep in mind that all of this work is absent any support from Nintendo, as Dolphin uses all its own emulation code. It is why the lawyers haven't jumped in to shut the project down years ago.



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