StreetPass Mii Plaza update adds quicker play and new games

Quicker, smoother and with more options. As always, it's all about Mii.


If you like a little quick mindless fun in the Miiverse, Nintendo has revealed some changes for StreetPass Mii Plaza, as well as some new games.

A new update is available to make the experience uicker and smoother. The optional Quick Plaza streamlines the way the games will be played, making it quicker to access games from the bottom screen and booted up immediately. In addition, gameplay is quicker and messages fromother players have been simplified.

There has also been a change to Plaza Gate in Mii Plaza Premium. Previously you could only encounter 10 players via the StreetPass feature. Now, sending players you've met previously through the Plaza Gate, you can encounter up to 100 players.

Also available with the update are five new fast-paced StreetPass games, small by even StreetPass standards:

  • Slot Car Rivals: Compete with players you';ve met in StreetPass for the best times
  • Market Crashers: Predict Stock prices against Miis you have met.
  • Feed Mii: Cook dishes for the king.
  • Mii Trek: Explore wild frontiers using the step counts of players you've met through StreetPass.
  • Ninja Launcher: Blast yourself from a cannon to defeat demons.

Choose between Slot Car Rivals or Market Crashers for free, and then you can purchase the other four games as a discounted bundle price of $8.99. Otherwise, each game sells for $2.99.

The update and the games should be available soon on the eShop, if they aren't already.

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