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DontNod's first gameplay trailer for Vampyr is filled with difficult decisions

This is going to be one of those games where we spend 20 minutes deciding whether or not we should kill someone. We can feel it!


DontNod Entertainment has released the first gameplay trailer for Vampyr, its upcoming action-RPG game.

The gameplay trailer for Vampyr shows off nearly fifteen minutes of pre-alpha gameplay, which showcases some of the studio’s ideas that will hopefully offer a more unique gameplay experience. Vampyr will have its narrative tie in directly to the gameplay, and today’s video takes place just a few moments after the beginning of the game.

Following the opening moments, Vampyr’s protagonist, Dr. Jonathan Reid, is now fully aware he is a vampire, and must come to terms with what he’s become. Reid meets additional characters who he’ll interact with along his journey, some of which are aware of his affliction as they share the same fate,

The video shows many aspects that are very early in development, like its combat system. Even though the game isn’t fully fleshed out yet, we can see Reid and his party investigate the people of London to see the quality of their blood. Difficult choices will need to be made as to who deserves to die to feed your thirst for blood, all of which will directly affect the game world. Killing too many people will cause London’s fragile infrastructure to collapse, but a vampire’s gotta eat, right?

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