SuperData reveals July's top-grossing digital games for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms

Overwatch, Pokemon Go, and World of WarCraft stood at the head of the class.


Market research firm SuperData posted a breakdown of the top-grossing digital games for PC, console, and mobile platforms in July. Activision Blizzard came out on top in most categories, but the diversity of games spoke to a wide range of tastes.

SuperData categorized its findings in six ways: console, PC, free-to-play MMO, pay-to-play (or premium) MMO, mobile, and social. Each category's top five games were ranked according to worldwide revenues, although no dollar amounts were disclosed.

"July proved predictably steady, with Call of Duty: Black Ops III dominating the ranks thanks to the success of its most recent map pack, Descent, and FIFA 16 once again demonstrated strong YoY growth compared to FIFA 15," according to SuperData.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Pokemon Go took the top spot in the Mobile category, though recent reports show a sharp drop-off in daily active users. Even so, the game still enjoyed "the most successful mobile launch in history."

Meanwhile, World of WarCraft reigns supreme in "P2P MMO," an increasingly small grouping of titles.

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