Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – How to manage your inventory

Don't fancy playing inventory-Tetris every 30 seconds? Learn how to keep your inventory neat and tidy.


Items, items, items. You want them all, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided wants to give them to you. Trouble is, you've got to make room for them, unless you like popping open your inventory every few seconds to rearrange things. Fortunately, certain augmentations make inventory management a breeze.

Gridiron Gangs

Before expanding your inventory, learn how to make the default grid work for you. Weapons take up the most space; everything else is smaller to varying degrees. While Mankind Divided squeezes items into spaces automatically, a fine touch is necessary to making the most efficient use of your space. You can do this by grouping items according to type: keep weapons to each other, then slide smaller items into spaces around them.

This approach also simplifies finding items: you won't have to hunt around for your favorite gun if you group guns together.

Have Augmentations, Will Organize

You'll find inventory-centric augmentations in the Arms category. Open your augmentations, go to Arms, and scroll over to the right where you'll find upgrades for Carry Capacity: 70KG, 90KG, and 110KG. The last one maxes out your inventory space.

Each Carry Capacity upgrade costs one Praxis Point. It's up to you to decide how important inventory space is relative to other upgrades. Just remember: the quicker you expand that space, the more stuff you can carry. That becomes increasingly necessary as you find more and more guns that you want to switch between as you play.

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