Inside,' the spiritual successor to Limbo, is now available on PS4

You can get Playdead's latest puzzler for only $20.


Following earlier confirmation that Playdead would bring Inside to PS4 in August, the developer's critically acclaimed puzzler is now available on the PlayStation Store for only $20.

Playdead staggered Inside's release. The game made its way onto Xbox One in late June, followed by a Steam release for PC users on July 7.

Although comparable to Limbo in many ways, Inside distinguishes itself by appropriating death as a narrative- rather than purely gameplay-focused device. "There were various points in my playthrough that it seems I was meant to have died to a particular kind of threat, because it would then reverse or subvert that in a later encounter," wrote Shacknews editor-in-chief Steve Watts in his hands-on preview at E3. "The subversion wouldn't work if I hadn't died, so the game was counting on me to have failed at some point to enrich the narrative. It's a strange interplay that's only possible in video games, and I really enjoyed seeing Playdead flex its narrative muscles."

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